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Come To The Table | A Celebration of Food in Partnership With Dakota Rural Action


Come To The Table:

The Sicangu Community Development Corporation and Dakota Rural Action are launching a social media campaign to celebrate all things food and further our work for food systems change!

In partnership with Dakota Rural Action, the Sicangu Food Sovereignty Initiative is kicking off a social media campaign inviting people to share posts in celebration of all things food! These social media posts will highlight food, gardening, ranching, cooking, harvesting, preparing, and other aspects of our food system. We are excited to launch this campaign today as we begin to coordinate upcoming interviews with food producers, chefs, farmers, ranchers, and community members to discuss our current food system and how we can work together to create a more just, equitable, and regenerative food system.

Level 1:

Find the event details here.

Join the Sicangu Community Development Corporation and Dakota Rural Action as we celebrate all things food.

Take part by:

  1. Sharing a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by Sunday of each week about anything related to food, gardening, cooking, and eating!

  2. Use the hashtags: #cometothetable #foodsovereignty #dakotaruralaction #SicanguLakota #foodsecurity #homegrownresiliency

  3. Get entered to win monthly drawings!

Level 2:

Sicangu CDC and Dakota Rural Action will be holding interviews with members of our food community to discuss how we collectively create a food system(s) that is just, equitable, feeds the soul, regenerates the land, and provides sustainable income for our food producers.

If you are interested in learning more contact:

Matthew West

Community Organizer

Dakota Rural Action



For more information about gardening, harvesting, local foods, and to keep up with the Food Sovereignty Initiative, find us on our Facebook page, Sicangu Community Development Corporation.

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